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Job Description of a Mechanical Head 2022| Responsibilities | Duties| Plant| factory| Construction| Manufacturing Industry

Role of a Mechanical Head of the Department (HOD) of a factory is to lead the Mechanical department of an organization. Responsibilities of a Mechanical Head are to supervise the project team and maintenance team to look after several installations and machines, project monitoring, quality control, supervision of periodical maintenance, safety etc. of the plant. Duties of a Mechanical Head include Project, Planning, Maintenance, Cost Reduction, Vendor Management, Liaison with concerned bodies, Coordination and Documentation, Contribution in Revenue growth.

Do you want to know in detail what a Mechanical Head of the Department does? What you should look for in a Mechanical Head of the Department Resume? What are the points you should include in your Mechanical Head of the Department CV? Please read below.

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Head of the Department (HOD):

Project Management

  • Controlling project activities & handling the complete project management cycle entailing requirement gathering & final execution of the same
  • Monitor various Improvement projects with respect to Cost, Resource Deployment, Time over-runs and Quality Compliance to ensure execution of projects within the time & cost parameter.
  • Conducted project review meetings for evaluating project progress & taking adequate corrective actions if required.

Erection & Commissioning

  • Anchoring erection & commissioning activities and ensuring completion of assignment within the time & cost parameters and effective resource utilization to maximize the output.
  • Identifying areas of obstruction/ breakdowns and taking steps to rectify the equipment through application of trouble shooting tools.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Maintain various equipment/ machineries to reduce breakdown time to Zero by adopting perfect maintenance technique (TBM/ CBM)
  • Scheduling & planning predictive/ preventive/ Shutdown maintenance jobs for reducing machinery downtime as well as executing jobs as per plan, handling enquiries and investigations of machinery failure for taking corrective actions.
  • Executing maintenance plans/schedules for reducing machinery downtime to minimum and managing waste / discharges as per norms.
  • Preparing schedule chart for better service of different rotary equipment on basis of lubricant so that less breakdown maintenance occurs & subsequently less man-hour/generation loss.
  • Making record of vibration, alignment, any unlikely behavior of equipment, etc. for future correspondence.
  • Plan for spare parts to avoid unnecessary inventory accumulation; monitored the equipment including hydraulic oil/ lubricant 
Mechanical Head of the Department
Mechanical Head of the Department (

Value Engineering/ Process Modifications

  • Carrying out modifications, implementing routine maintenance jobs and avoiding accidents reducing the time and manpower in hydraulic systems maintenance as well as other maintenance jobs.
  • Taking initiatives for reducing mechanical/electrical breakdowns of machines & modifications to avoid recurrence.
  • Developing new techniques as per requirements of jobs/sites and building more reliability on services of equipment by ‘LLF’ methods.
  • Using less manpower with maximum usage so that either end is benefited and suggesting components and materials based on Mechanical requirement.
  • Designed and implemented systems, processes and procedures to facilitate smooth functioning of overall operations and enhance operational efficiency

EHS / Quality

  • Ensuring implementation of Environmental Safety and Health (EHS) Hazards systems as well as carrying out internal inspection for tracking non-conformity.
  • Monitoring adherence to quality standards of ISO & maintaining documents for implementation of the same in the department.
  • Assuring quality of materials as per specification supplied by different Vendors to store for further proceedings.

Man Management

  • Managing a team of executives and guiding site staff members to address and resolve performance bottlenecks.
  • Planning effective manpower deployment & works scheduling of qualified workforce; addressing training needs of staff to enhance skills and productivity.

How to become a Mechanical Head of the Department (HOD):

Educational Qualification requirement to become Mechanical Head of the Department is Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Graduate in Mechanical Engineering (BE/BTech) from an accredited Institute/College approved by AICTE in India. But to become a Mechanical Head of the Department, educational qualification is not the only requirement. At least 15 years for a degree engineer and 20 years for a diploma engineer of experience in a factory or any construction company as Mechanical engineer will be necessary.

Technical Skills required for a Mechanical Head of the Department (HOD):

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Identifying & planning the work with specifying priority.
  • Budget preparation, project monitoring.
  • Should have knowledge of handling the project independently
  • Contract Management
  • Material management and Resource Planning
  • Compliance knowhow.
  • Liaison & Negotiation
  • Time management skills; ability to prioritize
  • Experience with statistical modeling and descriptive statistics

Software skills Required for a Mechanical Head of the Department (HOD):

  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • ERP (Oracle, SAP, etc.)

Behavioral Skills required for a Mechanical Head of the Department (HOD):

  • Should be good planner, strong leader, innovator, keen problem solver and astute decision maker.
  • Should have the driving force to handle effectively the complexities of consultants, contractors, suppliers for achieving the target on time and within the budgeted cost.

What is the Job Opportunity of Mechanical Head of the Department in the Industry?

Mechanical Head of the Department Engineers are required in every Heavy Engineering industry like Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petroleum, Piping, Tankage, Steel, Aluminum, Chemical, Automobile, construction industry etc. Mechanical Head of the Department are hired in Greenfield, Brownfield projects for large factory set up, expansion or revamp projects. Mechanical Head of the Department have very high demand in factory’s electronic control and maintenance. They have huge contribution in Infrastructural Projects like hydropower, thermal power industries.

Salary of Mechanical Head (in India)

Salary of Mechanical Head of the Department Engineer in India ranges from 20 Lacs Rupees to 45 Lacs Rupees per annum depending upon the qualification, experience, Expertise, Company, volume of the project.


Yes, he needs to work as a project and maintenance Mechanical engineer in a factory for 15-20 years to gather detailed knowledge.

There are high demands of Indian Mechanical Head of the Department Engineer abroad especially in Middle east (Gulf) countries, Africa, Canada, Australia.

No. The ITI holder should get Diploma certificate at least.

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